Open Enrollment for CalPERS Medical Plans

Nov 6, 2017-Jan 31, 2018

West Valley-Mission Community College District's faculty members will be joining CalPERS group medical plans effective April 1, 2018.  The open enrollment period is from November 6, 2017 through January 31, 2018.


Plan Costs

Health Care Plan Costs Faculty 10 Pay Apr - Dec

Health Care Plan Costs Faculty 11 Pay Apr - Dec

Health Care Plan Costs Faculty 12 Pay Apr - Dec

Benefits Office Hours

November 7, 2018 - January 30, 2018

HR Department, West Valley College

Tuesdays, 2-4pm

Fridays, 10am-12pm

The Benefits Office will be open to appointments and drop-ins during these times in order to assist you with your benefit questions regarding the transition to CalPERS medical plans.  Please note that if you do not have a scheduled appointment and are dropping in that you may have a wait time.

Enrollment Process & Forms

You will need to complete the CalPERS 2018 Medical Open Enrollment form & the CalPERS HBD-12A form.  You will also need to include any required documentation such as a marriage certificate, birth certificate, and/or domestic partner affidavit (along with proof of registation with the State of California) as applicable.  If you are currently waiving coverage and would like to continue to do so, you need only complete and return the CalPERS HBD-12A form.  All completed forms must be submitted no later than January 31, 2017.

CalPERS 2018 Medical Open Enrollment 04-18


Domestic Partner Affidavit

Special Vision Enrollment Opportunity

Those currently enrolled on the Kaiser plan have a special enrollment opportunity to enroll in VSP Vision for an April 1 effective date.  The reason for this is that the current district Kaiser plan includes coverage for vision materials (i.e. glasses/contacts) and the CalPERS Kaiser plan does not.  Since you will be losing vision coverage through your medical plan, you have the opportunity to enroll in VSP vision.

VSP Enrollment Form

VSP Benefit Summary

Current Coverage Information

Stay Healthy with Medical Coverage!

Nothing is more important than the health of you and your family. That is why West Valley-Mission Community College District offers you medical plan choices designed to help you get the care you need.  You have the choice between an HMO or a PPO plan with Blue Shield of California or the option to enroll with Kaiser Permanente.

View Faculty Benefits Overview Guide 


​Frequently Asked Benefit Questions

Q. Will there be a deduction taken from my paycheck for my benefit coverage?

A. WVMCCD provides an annual contribution of $18,050 towards a faculty member's medical, dental, and vision coverage.  If you are a percentage employee, the district contribution wil be pro-rated to the percentage you work full-time.  Please review the Health Care Plan Options & Costs sheet to determine you monthly contribution.  Voluntary plans (i.e. flexible spending accounts, life insurance, AD&D) are subject to employee deductions.

Q. What documentation will I need to submit to add a dependent?

A. In addition to their basic information:
  • Child dependent - birth certificate
  • Spouse - marriage certificate
  • Domestic Partner – Affidavit of Domestic Partnership and must meet all of the qualifications of a domestic partner under the state of California.

Q. What is the difference between an HMO and a PPO?

A. HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) offers specific participating network providers that members select for their health care. Providers outside of the network are not covered, unless the provided services are considered emergency in nature. PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) also offers participating network providers, however, a member may access care outside of the designated network. An advantage in utilizing network providers is benefits are covered at a higher rate than non-network providers.

Q. How do I choose my medical and dental plans to ensure that I select the best plan(s)?

A. First review the informational materials in your benefits packet and on the district website to evaluate which plans would meet you/your family’s current medical and dental needs. Some individuals prefer the convenience of having a co-payment and decide to choose an HMO plan. Others prefer to pay deductibles and coinsurance for the flexibility of going to participating and non-participating providers and therefore enroll in PPO plans. Regardless of which plans you choose, keep in mind that all of the plans, whether they are HMO or PPO, are designed to provide comprehensive health coverage to you and your family.

Q. When will I receive my benefit identification cards?

A. Medical plan and Delta Care HMO identification cards will arrive in 2-3 weeks from the date that you complete your enrollments in SmartBen. Delta Dental (PPO) and VSP – Cards are not issued by these carriers. Please provide your health care practitioners with your social security and your group number.

Q. What if I’m not happy with the medical and/or dental plan? May I change my plans?

A. The opportunity to change your plans is offered during the open enrollment period.  For faculty members, medical open enrollment is held in the spring for a July 1 effective date.  Open enrollment for all other benefits (dental, vision, FSA, etc.) is held in the fall for a January 1 effective date.

Q. May I extend my benefit coverage if I leave the District?

A. Yes, you have the option to continue your health care coverage through COBRA. Details on COBRA are mailed to your home address by our COBRA Administrator, Employee Benefits Corporation (EBC).